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Welcome to the Haiwick Ranch
Gary and Gloria Haiwick, Owners
19940  341st  Avenue
Highmore, SD  57345
605-852-2507 or 605-870-1604


  Welcome to the Haiwick Ranch, located just a few miles southeast of Highmore, South Dakota.  We operate a working ranch selling breeding stock from our purebred Angus, Saler and Charolias cattle as well as Rambouillet sheep. This web site, however, is all about our registered Quarter Horses.  We were fortunate to buy an existing Driftwood breeding program fourteen years ago and have continued to concentrate on the good old Driftwood genetics but we have also used some out-cross sires.  We have found that Driftwood genetics work equally well when line breeding or when out-crossing.  We enjoy the quiet and level headed dispositions that our horses possess.
          On display here, you will find our stallions, our mares, some of our colts, and the horses we have for sale.  Also, we have included some background information on our breeding program.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.  Our facilities are located four miles East and one and one-quarter mile South of the Highmore water tower.



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